Choosing the Right Headpiece 


Shopping for the wedding is so much fun, but with so many decisions to make about what to wear it can be more than a little confusing. When it's time to find the perfect bridal accessories, it would be so much easier if you had some expert help when choosing which wedding headpiece to wear, but this isn't always accessible. 

Where to begin

Your personal tastes, your sense of style, even your hair and face shape, you are the centrepiece of your bridal look, everything else is decoration. Designed to enhance your features and reflect your personality, bridal accessories help you feel at your most comfortable, so you'll feel blissfully content, look beautifully happy, and just be generally gorgeous as you say 'I do'. Because your headpiece will be on...well...your head, the shape and style of the headpiece can help to emphasise your best facial features. Good news for brides with an oval face shape, you can take your pick of the beautiful bunch, as each and every headpiece, and hairstyle for that matter, will look fantastic on you.

Face Shapes

I find it quite amazing how your face shape can either make or break your look, similar to makeup I suppose. Here are a few tips to remember when accessory shopping:

  • If you have a slightly rounder face, choosing a headpiece with a bit of height to help lengthen your face and make it appear slimmer.
  • For brides with a longer looking face, a little hair volume and a strategically placed bridal hair comb can go a long way to balancing the sides of the face.
  • Choose a delicate bridal headband to help soften a square face shape, and team it with long tousled curls or wispy tendrils of hair to frame your face.
  • Make the most of your eyes and cheekbones if you have a heart-shaped face, with a halo hair vine to draw the focus to your eye-line.

Wedding Veils

The most traditional of all the bridal headpieces. The wedding veil remains a mainstay at many wedding ceremonies. Modern wedding veils are designed with a variety of lightweight fabrics and finishes in mind, and, with a choice of lengths and options for different positioning; there are limitless combinations and styles to choose from. Veils are also a great option because they can be easily paired with other headpieces such as vines or combs, allowing the bride to remove her veil on her wedding day without affecting her overall bridal look. 


Wedding hairpins are flexible headpiece option for brides. Wearing single or multiple hairpins, brides can achieve their desired look from minimalist elegance to romantic by arranging the hairpins into different formations and fixing them into a variety of wedding hairstyles. If you do opt for a veil, hair pins are still visible and beautifully glisten through catching light from all different angles and no matter what your face shape, they look amazing on everyone.


Delicate and versatile, hair vines have become extremely popular with brides in recent years. Twisted wire with a combination of crystals, beads or pearls, positioned like a headband, crown, or halo, or entwined in a loose braid, a wedding hair vine is a fantastic option for every type of bride. They're also super easy to make yourself if you're working to a budget and what's better than having your very own one of a kind hair piece? 


Easy to wear. Practical. Stunning. Wedding headbands have suddenly become fashionable again in recent years. You can go as wild as you like with decorative floral designs, feature vintage elements, or embrace minimalism, whilst working perfectly with a range of up-dos and long bridal hairstyles. 

Hair Combs

Versatile, wedding hair combs work well with veils or as an individual headpiece. Hair combs look effective when worn as a side hairpiece or sitting above a bun. 

Bridal Head chains

A favourite with Bohemian brides, a bridal head chain is an alternative option to a traditional veil for unconventional brides. Worn across the forehead, they create a romantic high-fashion look by combining shimmering pearl and crystal embellishments with delicate chains draped over a simple bridal hairstyle. 

Whilst I've recently been looking at hair styles for my big day, to be totally honest, I didn't realise just how many options were out there until I collected some pretty ideas off Pinterest, so I thought I'd share with you all of the options available in hope that it helps you think about your hair pieces a little more.

Before I finish, I personally think bridal head pieces are so important for the more relaxing second part of the day once the ceremony has taken place. So many brides think about having a second wedding dress (totally amazing, you do you) but if you don't have the budget, maybe thinking about changing up the hair, let it down if it's up, or keep your hair up and pull pieces out for a 'pretty messy' vibe so the attention is always drawn to your face, hair and chosen headpiece.

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