How to Ensure You Have the Perfect Hair Colour for Your Wedding Day


The timeline for your wedding day involves many moving parts, considerations, and anxiety-laden decisions. We've covered how to prepare your skin for your wedding day and how to improve the appearance of your facial features such as brows and lips, so of course I needed to touch on some of the best hair preparation tips for your wedding day I've picked up over the years.

Today I'll be sharing some great tips hair professionals and colourists have shared with me for perfect wedding day hair colour, with help from bridal hairstylists I've met at previous weddings, who I'm now lucky enough to call my friends! You'll be golden (or brunette, redheaded-whatever your dream colour could be) on your big day.

Don't risk it

First things first, if your wedding isn't too far off (postponed until October for example because of Covid19) colourists cautions against trying anything new. I mean, it's not like any hair salons are open right now, but fingers crossed by July you're able to book an appointment. You need to feel like you on your wedding day, so if you have never coloured your hair, don't start before your wedding. Instead you're better of using a high-shine, gloss product that enhance the colour you already have without changing it or drying it out on a super-hot day.

A few months to go

If you've got at least a few months before your wedding it's the time to start planning and scheduling. Professionals even say 'it should be on your mind as soon as you say 'yes, I will marry you'. I was personally too busy admiring my ring to relate, but maybe it was on your mind?

If you aren't in love with your colourist who usually does your hair, you need to start the search ASAP. Apparently planning in our hair colour is just as important as any other part of the wedding, and to be honest I have to agree! And just in case you didn't know, your hair takes up 90% of any selfie you take, so it has to be the colour you picture it to be. Selfies are an absolute necessity on your wedding day right? You and your colourist should have chosen a colour you love and that complements you on your big day. Most importantly, you should have been getting that colour done well in advance of your wedding to make sure it's right, and then touch it up a week before.

When should you get it coloured?

In terms of a timeline, getting your colour done two weeks before your wedding is too early, and getting it done with less than one week before your wedding is too late. Blimey we can't win...! Just kidding...You want your colour to settle, but be fresh and also have enough time for minor tweaking. If necessary (and if you feel you have the time) it's said that one week before your wedding is perfect! 

My friends in the hair world tell all their brides to,  ''come in for their final wedding day hair colour appointment a week before their wedding, because as long as everything is planned out with your colourist, it's the optimal time for every colour. If you're trying to conceal grey hair, then book your appointment no sooner than one week before, or the greys will start showing. The same goes for the blonde highlighted brides-you don't want your roots to show. If you're a brunette with subtle highlights, a week is still the best, but you could get away with going two weeks before. ''

By this time, you should be (I hope you will be) feeling super relaxed and have everything ready in place for your wedding day, so you can make the most of this last week by really pampering yourself which includes taking an entire day out to the hairdressers.

Hair Care You Need to Know

In terms of caring for your colour, so it looks its best on the day of, always protect hair from the sun, salt water, and chlorine by applying conditioner before you get in the water. This will coat your hair and help prevent any discoloration from occurring. Additionally, not using heated tools often is best, as it will encourage your fresh colour to fade and dry out your hair. If this is simply not an option for those with a more hair-conscious mind, make sure to deep-condition your hair at least once a week with a simple remedy. Home-made hair remedies are said to work wonders! Follow the link for easy and simple hair remedies:

Remember, make sure to book your one-week-before-wedding-day appointment as soon as you book your initial consultation. You don't want your colourist to be already booked on the one time you need them most!

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