How to Prep your Skin for your Wedding Day Step 3



Since the beginning of time, 8-glasses a day has been hammered into our heads from a hydration point of view, but you wouldn't necessarily think about the health it brings to your skin. 

Consuming an adequate amount of water every day gives you fresh, soft and glowing skin helping maintain the skins moisture level, leaving skin hydrated and replenished. Although it can be hard to keep up with drinking the recommended amount each day, especially if you're running errands, there are ways of making it part of your routine. I find that by simply filling up a bottle every day, (whilst throwing in some cucumber and lemon making it slightly less boring) encourages me to drink more.

Does your skin feel tight after a shower? After splashing your face with water, does your skin absorb the water so quickly you don't need a towel to dry it? 

If yes, then this is one of the ways in identifying your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can lead to vulnerable skin disorders and premature ageing which is exactly want we want to avoid before your wedding day, so start sipping!


If I had a pound for every bride that's said to me 'I need to sort my diet out before I walk down the aisle' I'd be rich! 

Let's not sit here and talk about what we eat and weight loss, because that's not what I'm here for and that's certainly not what your special day is about. I wanted to talk to you about swapping out foods that aggravate the skin. 

I personally noticed a visible difference in my skin after I cut out dairy. Dairy is in practically all of my favourite foods; chocolate, cakes, cheese, yogurt. I thought it would be really hard to find alternatives, but with so many vegan options out there, I had plenty of choice. By simply swapping milk for oat milk or coconut milk and milk chocolate for 75% cocoa chocolate made my skin's texture smoother and far less congested.

Sarika Snell, a dermatologist in Washington DC told INSIDER;

 ''Getting rid of foods like milk, cheese, and ice cream is a great way to give your skin a boost. Cutting dairy improves skin texture, skin tone, and acne."

As well as proactively finding alternatives to dairy, here are also some really simple foods you can incorporate into your diet to nourish your body for a glow that comes from within:

· Watercress

· Papaya.

· Blueberries.

· Broccoli.

· Spinach.

· Nuts.

· Avocado.

I say a morning shake with all of the above ingredients in will guarantee you beautiful soft, supple, glowing skin for your wedding day an beyond.

Vanessa Elles Brides