How to Prepare Your Face for Your Wedding Day. Let's Talk Lashes!


Lashes are very much a part of who we are, and so should be paid the same attention we lavish on our skin and hair. In the pursuit of lush, long eyelashes on your wedding day, what's your record for the number of coats of mascara you've applied in a single day? (Mine is 3, but who's counting)

We curl and layer (and layer) mascara in the hopes of looking alert and awake, but all this attention can lead to lashes that are broken, crunchy, even missing. Basically, not healthy. The funny thing about eyelashes is that while they're the target of much product-related talk, no one is really talking about how to care for them. 

First, understand what they are: hair. That's right, a lash is a hair that grows at the edge of the eyelid and protects eyes from unwanted debris like dirt, sweat and water. Basically, lashes are the first line of defence for your eyeballs as such, so should be treated with care. The lashes on your upper eyelid are fuller than those on your lower lash line and the ones in the middle are often longer than those on the edges. They're meant to fall out regularly - the life-cycle of a healthy lash is only about three months - and at any given time, 90% of your lashes are actively growing. While there's no one magic bullet that can guarantee healthy, happy lashes, a little mindfulness (and a couple of products) goes a long way.

Choose your mascara wisely!

Waterproof mascara, no! Avoid using this whenever possible. Sure, on your wedding day (for one day) you may shed a few happy tears, but for regular everyday wear, stay away from long-wear formulas. The chemical makeup of waterproof mascaras is incredibly drying and its very nature makes it near impossible to remove without tugging out several lashes along the way. Instead, look for an everyday mascara that's made with natural ingredients and hydrating, nourishing ingredients like oils, butters and waxes to condition and strengthen.

Something to bear in mind; pay attention to the brush! One that's flexible and has dense bristles means you'll only have to apply a coat or two, since you'll likely fill and separate your lashes beautifully without all the layers of product.

Remove mascara with care

As you may have read in 'How to Prepare your Skin for Your Wedding Day Step 2', cleansing morning and night is a must! As if I need to tell you to make sure you remove all traces of your mascara too? Remember, lashes are made of hair. They need to breathe, just like washing your hair after copious layers of hairspray. Important tip; If old mascara finds its way into the follicle at the base of the lash, you're asking for infection which may even lead onto the growth of a stye which can be really painful and something we need to avoid with your special day on the horizon.

My favourite way to remove mascara is by using a specific gentle eye makeup remover after following my usual cleansing routine. Taking your muslin cloth over the eyes whilst cleaning your face isn't going to hurt, but with the skin around the eye being so delicate and sensitive, I highly recommend using a product specifically targeted to soothe and protect the eye area. It will also guarantee every trace of old mascara is removed!  As long as you're taking that mascara off each night and not losing lashes, I say, find your cleanser bliss. 

Two product recommendations that I've used on both myself and clients;

Laura Mercier Soothing Eye makeup remover - The formula is infused with Cornflower, which is known to refresh and calm skin around the eyes.

Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Makeup Remover - Infused with Hibiscus for eye brightening leaving skin soothed and hydrated.

Condition those lashes!

Now you're using the right amount of the right mascara and you're gently removing that mascara every night with the right product, to really treat your lashes like they matter, consider conditioning them a bit in the same way you diligently apply mists and serums and oils and moisturisers to your skin before bed every night. Like hair, you want to concentrate whatever you're conditioning with, towards the ends of your hair. Your scalp/eyelids get greasy and overwhelmed if the products are applied all over, so ensure your lashes are treated the same.

 Coconut oil or lanolin are two key ingredients to use post cleansing. Massaging a tiny amount of either into the tips of your lashes before bed, will have you waking up on your wedding day with the most amazing lashes.

Vanessa Elles Brides