Nail Tips to Help you Totally Nail your Wedding Day


Whether you opt for subtle, soft pinks and nudes or bold and glittery, there are going to be a lot of people looking at your hands to catch a glimpse of that pretty new ring (and a lot of high-definition close-up shots taken by your photographer), so I'm here to guide you on what to do and what not to do before you walk down the aisle.

Don't get a gel manicure more than a few days in advance

Gel manicures were the best thing to happen to wedding nails since natural beauty became fashionable again. Gone were acrylics and in came the power of shiny, quick, effortless gel polish in a multitude of shades, that gracefully grows out with your nails. After a few days, gel does start to lose its lustre. Get them done only one or two days before your wedding to avoid any wear and tear by the time your actual wedding day rolls around.

Growing your nails out? Keep length in mind

Long wedding nails can be incredibly sophisticated, but if you're not used to acrylics, the look can be more hassle than it's worth. Experiment with nail length and shape in the months leading up to your wedding and see what feels most comfortable. For example: I'd been getting my nails done in the salon for years before I bought my own little at home kit, so I really discovered what shapes and lengths suited the size of my hands (they're pretty small) and length of my fingers. Medium-length nails filed into an almond shape are universally flattering as they elegantly lengthen your fingers and aren't likely to cause any wedding day emergencies like false nails can, so find your shape and length first, then think about colours.

Have a bit of fun and get testing multiple shades

You try on more than one dress (most of the time), so why shouldn't you try on more than one polish for your wedding nails? Keep in mind that certain shades look better on different skin tones. For example, if you have an olive skin tone, test drive a poppy red polish with blue undertones instead of pink for a more flattering shade. Bridal nails may be traditionally neutral, but there's no harm in trying out bolder colour. What colours are in your flowers? What's your colour scheme?  

Why buy one bottle of polish when you can buy a few

If you always prefer polish (rather than a gel manicure), once you've found your perfect shade, stock up: one for the salon or whoever is lucky enough to pain your nails for your big day, one for your wedding day emergency kit and one to pack in your honeymoon bag. When you need to fix a chipped nail fast, you'll be happy you spent the extra money. Sure, you may have extra polish on hand after you come home from your honeymoon, but recreating your wedding nails is a lovely way to honour your special day for years to come....right?

Nail Maintenance at home

 If you know you're an avid nail biter, make a conscious effort to kick the habit in the months leading up to your wedding. There's plenty of nasty tasting varnishes that are purely made for you. Simply paint it on and get a little shock when you go to nibble...lovely! No really, its so handy! I used to use soon stopped me!
Also, avoid peeling broken nails and picking-that's how infections start. Quick tip: A cuticle cutter can help keep your hands and nails looking picture perfect.

Ever tried nail art? Now isn't the time

We're all for a fun nail design, but if you're not usually a "glitter and funky design" kind of girl, your wedding day isn't the time to experiment with nail art. Go for a tried-and-true shade or a timeless look (like French tips, for instance) for your bridal nails instead. You'll be looking at your wedding photos for many years to come...are you sure you want to see dots and swirls on the face of your nail beds?

Chipped your nail? Don't panic!

Speaking of chipping, it's bound to happen with a polish manicure, but it isn't the end of the world. Ask one of your lovely bridesmaids to use the tip of the brush to fill in the hole, then let the polish dry for 30 seconds. Next, brush on a second coat of polish and finish with a thin clear top coat. (This is exactly why you'll want a bottle in your emergency kit!..or should we say your bridesmaids clutch bag!)

The power of Moisturiser

It's amazing what a little hand cream can do for your pictures-no seriously! For instantly younger looking hands, massage cream into your cuticles and knuckles before your photographer takes close-ups of your bouquet or ring. Or as your makeup artist, I would usually do this for you! You'll be surprised how much more polished your wedding nails can look with a little extra TLC.

Vanessa Elles Brides