What Colour Lipstick Should I Wear on My Wedding Day?


Lipstick is usually a staple part of any bride's wedding makeup. It brings the whole look together and can make a makeup look seem complete once on although, many brides really struggle to find 'that' shade, so I'll be reassuring you of the things you need to look out for.

Choosing a Colour

Lipstick can either really work for you or do nothing for you at all, so it's all about finding what works best for you. In each bride's trial run I let the bride have a good look through my (rather large) lipstick and liner collection to see what they'd pick out. I then take the chosen ones and hold them against her face. Her skin will be the main thing I look out for. Does the lip colour lift her complexion or dull it? I then have a look at her eyes; do her eyes brighten or stay neutral? I'll immediately be able to tell her which one suits best, but I like to show my bride each chosen lip colour so she can see how each looks before I give my honest opinion.

Neutral, brown, and pale lip colours can look washed out in photographs, so I'd opt for a lipstick that's one or two shades brighter than what you would normally wear. If you usually wear a neutral hue, it should be worn as a base, with a pink or rose colour on top. If you typically wear dark lipstick, use that as the base, and apply a brighter pink on top to give the colour a lift. Pinks, roses and plums are all great, classic choices for brides, in fact my sister who got married last year, fell in love with Laura Mercier's pinky-plum 'Plum Sublime' Rouge Essential to compliment her wild wedding bouquet.

Subtle changes in choice of lipstick colour can make your wedding look come alive and I look forward to helping you find your perfect match!


It's best to avoid lipsticks at either end of the texture scale. Whist lovely to pop on just before a photograph, glossy lipsticks are likely to only last five minutes. Go too matte and they may leave your lips dry and cakey by the time it's the moment to kiss your groom. A moisturising, satin-y finish lipstick is best for a wedding. Take NARS Sensual Satins lipstick range, or Laura Mercier's Rouge Essential Silky Crème lipsticks for example.

They have a certain buttery feel, which helps the lipstick to glide onto the lips without sitting in the cracks, with a little shine and a lot of pigment. 

This kind of formula will keep your lips looking their best and will wear off the most evenly and naturally; several thin layers, blotted between applications will give the most long-lasting finish. The great thing about these, most importantly, is that they aren't sticky or too glossy. We wouldn't want any hair-stuck-on-lip situations going on! Instead, satin finishes are creamy with a bit more shine than a typical lipstick. It's the best of both worlds!


Whenever I'm finishing a beautiful makeup look with lips, I find that using a lip liner acts as a perfect primer, just like a primer for the skin. I use it to even out the natural lip contour on both the top and bottom lip, which in turn keeps the lipstick from bleeding or smudging onto the skin. Pencils are really great for getting that precision, but especially amazing for lipstick longevity.

One of my favourite go-to colours for bridal lip liner is 'Pillow Talk' by Charlotte Tilbury.

You may be one of those ladies that pops open the lipstick clasp, rolls up the product and slides the lipstick all over the lip? Totally fine! But on your wedding day, the lips are such an intricate part of the makeup process and as a makeup artist I like to do it slightly differently. Once the liner is on, I take a small, flat, synthetic brush and take the product from the lipstick onto the lips. I fill in from the centre working my way out towards the liner by using a pressing motion. This leaves a soft, smooth finish with every inch of the lip guaranteed to last the day and even better, you'll only have to dab a touch more on for a top-up before consuming a few more drinks and making the most of what's left of your special day.

Choosing a lipstick is by far the toughest decisions brides are faced with throughout the makeup process, but I've got you! I hope you enjoyed this little lipstick read.

Vanessa Elles Brides