What to Expect at Your Wedding Makeup Trial


A wedding day is, for most women, the most important day of their lives. They want every single little detail to be perfect and choosing a Makeup Artist can be scary for a lot of women, especially for women who don't often wear a lot of makeup.


I'm faced with lots and lots of questions before a booking is made, which is totally normal. In fact, I highly recommend it! For you as the bride, getting to know the Makeup Artist is important. It's like a relationship. You need to like their personality just as much as their style of makeup. You want them to bring a really positive vibe to your wedding morning and you want to feel as though you can trust them almost immediately. They are there to help you feel and look the best you ever have, so make the most of getting to know them.

I try to put the bride to as much ease as possible, and always let them know that the makeup is about them and what they want. Brides are often open to what I recommend, which allows me to be a little more creative whilst keeping their best features as their focal point. Although, don't be afraid to be honest! If you aren't 100% happy, you must say. We as Makeup Artists won't be offended!

I recommend brides bring along photos of makeup they like, and try to explain what they like about that particular look. Is it the colours, the shimmer, the shape etc? What's also really important for me, is to get a feel of what makeup the bride usually wears, and to see photos of the bride in a full face of makeup. Does she love a smoky eye? A bold lip? A dewy or matte skin finish? What does she feel most confident in?

My favourite question of all is 'can I see the dress? As much as it's really exciting to get a glance, the main reason I ask is so I can get an idea of the style of wedding she's having; Is the dress inspired by a particular era, let's say 50s for example? Do they want to give their makeup a 50's feel? These are all key things I like to find out before any makeup is applied and most Makeup Artists will do the same.

Brides will usually be in normal clothes, like jeans and a t-shirt, but I say put on a top, or an open button blouse in a colour similar to the colour of the dress. White, or light colours really help to lift the face, so it'll really help the bride envisage the complete look for their wedding day. Be open-minded, have fun and don't worry! Allowing the Makeup Artist to try new things may give you a pleasant surprise.

It is also good to know what type of hair style the bride is looking to achieve. If they are having a really Boho, loose, curly style, then relaxed, super natural makeup is going to pair beautifully. Or, if they choose a very formal, sleek, polished hair style then classic statement makeup would be better suited.

The other important thing to remember is the photos. The makeup will be captured on a HD camera. The bride should be prepared for a little more blusher and a slightly bolder lip on the morning of their wedding as every detail will pick up on camera. There's nothing worse than looking a little washed out!

Lastly, I never leave a trial without recommending to the bride to invest in a couple of great products to help pro-long the wear of their makeup on their special day. No matter how good the bride's makeup looks first thing in the morning, having two or three essential blotting products and lip hydrators will encourage the durability right up until the bride has danced the night away. 

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